There is nothing like a sunset on a lake viewed from a kayak.

Sunset on Lake Somerville by Larry Shudra

These are our experiences about tandem kayaking together; information about places to paddle in Texas, people we’ve met plus other kayak stuff. (click on photos to enlarge)

We love being outdoors for lots of reasons: We’re together with each other. 600_438390701And there is the fresh air, the beauty, the peacefulness, the quiet, the sounds and the relaxing feeling. We do a lot of Open Water kayaking. When we paddle our kayak, silently gliding through the water, it allows us to see nature that we otherwise would have missed. We feel closer to God.

Lake DeGray, ArkansasSeeing nature up close is special. Fish jumping and swimming all around, baby ducks following behind, watching sting rays swimming underneath, turtles, following a flock of pelicans around the lake, an Osprey diving for a fish, all kinds of birds, deer, and so much more (even alligators) . Galveston Bay Pelicans, Galveston Island State ParkWe have even been fortunate to see bald eagles in the wild on the Colorado River!

Lake Livingston State Park 7-18-15 (51)

Sunset on Lake Livingston by Larry Shudra

Kayaking also offers you a great physical workout especially paddling across the flats or longer distances in open water kayaking. And the other times when we are paddling hard against the wind and waves or the swift current of a creek or river. We feel so energized as soon as we climb in our kayak. At the end of the day we are tired but rejuvenated.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’ll share the experiences that we have had: tandem kayaks, kayaking basics, beginner kayaking, kayaking techniques, buying a kayak, kayak gear-paddles, dry storage, photography, transporting, what to wear kayaking, where to kayak, used kayaks, sit on top kayaks… Anything to do with kayaking.

We hope that you enjoy our stories and we invite you to join in on the conversation and share your comments, stories and kayak experiences. Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Kathy and Freckles (10)

Freckles goes Kayaking

We really enjoy the outdoors and kayaking.  Our home is in Cypress, Texas-on the northwest side of Houston. There are many places to paddle that are close to our home: lakes, bayous, rivers, and coastal bays along the Texas Gulf Coast.  We even take our dog Freckles on occasion.  We also enjoy music, concerts, camping, riding our big seat/fat tire bikes and seeing new places.

See you on the water!  Happy Paddling!

Larry Shudra, Kathy Shudra,



San Marcos River at Luling


Tandem Kayak, Pescador Tandem

Places we’ve kayaked: Galveston Bay, Colorado River, San Marcos River, Lake Bastrop, Lake DeGray-Arkansas, Christmas Bay, Lake Somerville, Lake Woodlands, Yegua Creek, Nails Creek, Birch Creek, Clear Creek, O’Quinn Esturary Salt Marshes, Colorado River, Lake Livingston, Buffalo Bayou, Armand Bayou. Some day: Medina River, Lighthouse Lakes, Mustang Island, Corpus Christi, Guadalupe River, Comal River, Inks Lake, Lake Buchanan, and more Texas waters.





8 Responses to Home

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  2. krand says:

    Fantastic article. I also love kayaking a lot. Waiting for this summer , very eagerly 😀


  3. Garry Thompswon says:

    Gidday guys ,Gazza here love your article on the tandem pescador I am in the process of buying one here in OZ and you have answered so many of my questions about this kayak that I now feel I have picked the right one,thankyou once again Gazza. PS would love to here from you bye for now,


    • Larry says:

      Thanks! This kayak has been great for us. We have spent hours at a time in it. On flat water, creeks, rivers, bays and bayous. What kind of kayaking do you do? And where is OZ? -Larry


      • gary thompson says:

        Hello Larry nice to here from you and I am living in Australia,One question and that is do you do much single paddling and does it handle as good with the solo paddler.I intend to do a lot of fishing with it and use it for fitness and exercise as well.i am married to the lovely Annie along with our little bitsa dog Lucky a similar family such as your own.we live in a place called Sussex Inlet in new south wales.it has a huge inland basin with a long river witch meanders down to the sea ,look it up on google love to here from you again Gaz.


      • Larry says:

        Thanks for the reply. No I have not paddled it as a solo. There is a seat in the center. And you could set up a seat back. If the weight is balanced evenly it would not be too bad. But remember it is 13 feet long and it is wide. Good for stability and carrying a lot of weight. It is not a fast kayak. There is a guy that uploaded a video to YouTube about outfitting his Pescador tandem. He fishes out of it as a solo. His tandem was orange or red. We like paddling for fitness too. We lost inches and weight in our waist and always feel good when finished. Tired, but not sore. I think it depends on using your torso more to paddle rather than shoulders or arms.


  4. Jason Binford says:


    I happened to cross paths with you at the boat ramp at Nails Creek on Memorial Day (earlier this week) with my family while scouting for some kayak launching points and just came across your blog too. Thanks for your tips and pointers in the field about the creeks feeding into Lake Somerville and all of the info and related reviews that you have posted here online.

    Hope to see you out on the water soon!

    Jason Binford


    • Larry says:

      Thanks Jason. I enjoyed meeting you all. We have paddle most all of Somerville. Nails Ck SP is where we most often go. Maybe we’ll see you again. Have fun.


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