Lake Woodlands-The First Time Paddling Our New Kayak!

Wow. Our first Lake Woodlands time paddling our new tandem kayak was exciting. We did not want to go far from home for the first outing so we went and paddled Lake Woodlands in Woodlands, Texas.  This lake is pretty and conveniently located to the Houston metro area. Especially Spring, Tomball, Conroe, Magnolia. It is actually a nice place to paddle. It’s free and pretty easy to get to.  Lake Woodlands is a man-made lake that is a part of The Woodlands development. There are no motorized boats allowed on the lake, so we found it to be safe for kayakers.  FYI-You can rent kayaks there if you don’t have one.

There is a nice dock that is low for kayaks, canoes and sculling. The parking lot is close to the lake. CLake Woodlands 2heck the hours that the park is open, If you kayak beyond those times, you will get locked in!

If you find the park/lake on the internet, you will also find concerts in the park. Wouldn’t it be fun to be in your yak listening to live music?

We would rather paddle in a more wilderness area like Lake Somerville, a bayou, bay or river. 20170507_180809There is a part of the lake on the southeast side that has somewhat of an island. Paddle under the bridge and into a quiet wooded cove. 20170507_175729The convenient location, the easy access and parking and no motor boats make this a nice place to kayak. There are now two kayak rental companies.

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About Larry

Husband, father, music educator, musician, Baylor University alumni, Walnut Hills HS alumni. I help others to play and enjoy music. We go kayaking, attend concerts, enjoy the outdoors, gardening, home remodeling and traveling around Texas.
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