DIY- Wheels for the Tandem Kayak!

I made a kayak cart to roll our kayak around.  It’s not that our kayak is really heavy.  Well ok, it is heavy. 69 pounds empty. But when you add your gear, it really does start getting heavy- cooler, paddles, cameras, binoculars, sun screen, bug spray, I wanted to be able to roll the kayak from our parking place to the water. Or down the boat ramp and back from our SUV. Kathy and I have been carrying the kayak. Then making several trips to bring the gear. Now we can do it all in one trip.  We take it off of the SUV, set up the seats, load it up, then roll it into the water. The kayak never drags on concrete boat rams or rocks. The cart also makes it easy for me to move the kayak around our driveway, into the backyard to wash it, and to roll it into the garage without needing any help.

Easy to use:

  1. Lift the back of the kayak and slip the wheels on.
  2. Tie it off the hose to something in the center.
  3. You can roll it fully loaded  Into The Water. Then remove the wheels.


I really liked the C Tug carts but could not get myself to spend that much. Maybe someday. Actually, I am hoping to win a gift certificate to Austin Canoe and Kayak 😉   I also looked at Craigslist- usually a good place if you know your pricing.  Always hit or miss for what you need.

I looked at a lot of kayak carts and found some I liked. I gathered some ideas from this one and that one and built one myself. The the shape of the bottom on my kayak and the width were some of the things that I had to keep in mind.  So far so good. And, it does not let the kayak fall off (so far at least).

DCIM100SPORTI had some 7″ or 8″ lawn mower wheels, PVC pipe and pool noodle pieces.  All I had to buy was heater hose(from an auto parts store), a 5/8″ threaded rod, 2 washers and 2 nuts.  So far the lawn mower wheels do great on pavement, grass, rocks, gravel, sand and lumpy bumpy stuff. I have not had to pull it through fluffy sand. (If I end up not happy with the wheels, I am going to get some fatter, larger wheels from Harbor Freight or Northern Tool).

Contact me if you have questions or suggestions.


About Larry

Husband, father, music educator, musician, Baylor University alumni, Walnut Hills HS alumni. I help others to play and enjoy music. We go kayaking, attend concerts, enjoy the outdoors, gardening, home remodeling and traveling around Texas.
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  1. I made a kayak cart to roll our kayak around. It’s not that our kayak is really heavy. Well ok, it is heavy. 69 pounds empty. But when you add your …


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