Lunch on Yegua Creek, Lake Somerville

Lake Sommerville Yegua Creek 3-14-15bToday was the day we were waiting for all week. Going kayaking to Lake Somerville. And earlier this week we saw a post on their Facebook page that had a picture of a bald eagle. So we hoped to see one when we got there.

This week was my spring break and it has been rainy and in the 40’s and 50’s all week. For us that is a problem because we do not have the proper clothing to be wet in cold temperatures. And when we kayak, we get wet from paddle drips, spray and waves (especially on a lake).

The day started out foggy but turned out to be sunny and beautiful. When we got to Lake Somerville the wind kicked up a lot more than we had planned. 14-15 mph, and long lasting gusts over 21 mph. But we were there and we made the best of it. We paddled around rock point hoping to see the eagles. But we did not. We saw lots of turkey buzzards, pelicans, ducks and a few seagulls.


Paddling across Lake Sommerville to Yegua Creek.

We left Rocky Point and paddled across the lake INTO THE WIND to Yegua Creek.  Because of the rains, Yegua Creek is flooded and the current is pretty high. The further up the creek  you go, the faster the current is . We stopped a couple miles up, tied off the kayak and ate lunch. After lunch, we tried to paddle up a mile or so further but the current was too swift and so we turned around and cruised back to the lake. (click on the photos to enlarge)

Lake Sommerville 3-14-15b (2)

Lunchtime on Yegua Creek

It was a busy day at the boat ramp. Lots of fishermen and campers renting canoes and kayaks. We have pretty much had the park to ourselves all fall and winter. This was quite a change to have a large number of people there. But it is good that people are out enjoying Lake Somerville.

The waves on Lake Somerville were really rockin’ and rollin’ today. Winds were around 14 mph and long lasting gusts were 21-25 mph. So that made it tough to paddle into the wind and to stay on course. Since we cover a lot of distance across the lake, staying on course keeps us from paddle additional miles. I am considering a skeg or rudder to help us maintain our line in windy conditions on the bays and lakes.

We definitely got our workout. It’s always a great day when you go kayaking. Windy or not! We invite you to leave us a comment below.

Here are some photos of our kayaking trip today.

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