Lake Somerville After the Floods

Lake Somerville 2-12-16Today was a beautiful day to kayak or paddle 2-13-16. Valentines weekend 2016. We took our dog Freckles and went to Lake Somerville at Nails Creek State Park.  We have not been there since May of 2015 and it is sad to see how many trees and vegetation the flood killed. We have paddled Lake Somerville in the winter and it never looks like this.

Nails Creek 2-12-16Lake Somerville flooded from all of the Summer rains in May and June of 2015 and much of the park was underwater. The parks closed. All the boat ramps on Lake Somerville were closed until late Fall 2015. We had to go to other places to paddle such as Galveston Bay.

Nails Creek 2-12-16Nails Creek 2-12-16Nails Creek SP is still our favorite place to go. The rest room facility is great. The boat ramp is big. And we can be in the water in just over an hour from our home. Today there were ducks, seagulls, song birds and lots of fish jumping all around us. So we know that Spring is coming and we are looking forward to Mother Nature making a strong come back.


About Larry

Husband, father, music educator, musician, Baylor University alumni, Walnut Hills HS alumni. I help others to play and enjoy music. We go kayaking, attend concerts, enjoy the outdoors, gardening, home remodeling and traveling around Texas.
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