Kayaking the San Marcos River at Luling, TX

The San Marcos River in Luling, Texas is one of the best river/bayou paddles we have done. 20160722_143808We highly recommend it to you. Originating from the Edwards Aquifer, the winding river is spring fed, remaining cool (70’s) even when air temps are around 100. The water is cloudy from the minerals and appears opaque when the sun shines on it. 20160722_134730Much of the 6 mile paddling trail is shaded making it a great outing on a hot summer day.
We put in our tandem kayak at the Highway 90 bridge and paddled to the Zedler Mill in Luling. When you get to Zedler Mill there is a dam. So take out is on the left before you get to the dam/mill. Look for a boat ramp. 20160722_14401620160722_123050Along the way we ate lunch in the kayak, in the shade and just stayed out of the current.  There are some sand bars early in the trip that you can pull up to and get out. There were lots of turtles, birds and fish jumping. We were startled as we came around a bend and there were cattle (including one unfriendly bull) in the water. There were no other people on the river the day we went. (This seems to happen a lot?) It was clean, no trash. And quiet. We hope it stays that way.

20160722_125004This is a convenient trip for Houston, San Antonio and Austin kayakers. Luling is where the huge Bucee’s is on I-10 between San Antonio and Houston. We used the City of Luling shuttle service. So you would not have to go with a group. The City of Luling also rent kayaks and canoes. Here is a link for the Texas Paddling Trials site for this trail click here.

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Husband, father, music educator, musician, Baylor University alumni, Walnut Hills HS alumni. I help others to play and enjoy music. We go kayaking, attend concerts, enjoy the outdoors, gardening, home remodeling and traveling around Texas.
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